Digital city

Slovak beamvertising
In the process, Nitra

We decided to organize project Digital City because of the need to bring the trends of contemporary fine art among young people in Trencin. This idea is also identic with the main goal of Ofca platform. Ofca should cover similar activities. The intention of Ofca is to zoom high art to laic audience and to show him, that the art is also fun and it is possible to percept it in an easy way.

The conception of project is made from two main issues. “Interactive game”, which is projected on three stations at predetermined time and the second issue “beamvertising” – it is movable projection made from a moving car. First station was at Zilina Street in Trencin / Sihot. There was also the beginning of whole project on 13.9.2013 at 19:00. Then the project continued by beamvertising across the streets of suburban and there were motives like birds, train, walking chicken projected from the car. Another station was Peace Square. The next day began projection on the housing estate Juh at Kijevska Street. It attracted many children, young people, but also elders. After beamvertising continued in Dubnica nad Vahom, where was the end of project around midnight.

Despite the fact that the project was realised without any great publicity, it attracted many people. The target group of youth literally fulfilled the expectations and joined the program. To hold the steering wheel in your hand and to drive a car on a big projection at the wall of apartment block – it does not come every day! Everybody, who held the steering wheel for a while felt the adrenaline from the ride. The intention was to make young generation to recognize the forms of unconventional forms of arts and accepted them as an alternative to pop culture and consumerism. And this intention was fulfilled. It set the place for other similar projects, which should build on the Digital City.

The organisation of this project was covered by Stefan Olis and Lukas Matejka. They are also founders of the Ofca idea and they integrated to this project very clever, fresh graduates of SUS Trencin Pavel Soukal and Adam Siekel, who created the beamvertising visuals and Pavol Soukal creaeted also interactive game, which was projected at individual stations. The documentation was covered by the members of project and Denis Matus. Slovak press agency TASR and television were also interested in and television also made interview with us about the project.  

Project Digital City brought new wave of unexpected experiences – for public it was number of positive responses and gradually began to uncover the brand Ofca. On the other hand, the great cooperation of TRAKT´s members with young people who have the potential was proved. The project was supported financially by Trencin and Foundation O2.