Videoart match vol.4

Bare feet

Club 77 (Banska Bystrica) hosted the 4th Vintage Videoart Match, under the direction of curators: Lukas Matejka and Stephen Olis.. In a pleasant environment as created in the presentation of similar activities, we had the opportunity to see and compare the work of university students from Pilsen and Bratislava.

Relaxed atmosphere in the underground “mini theater” was opened at nine in the evening with introductory speech by both curators. The program consequently was alternated with short videos from two schools where diverse topics were discussed. These include the existential problems through the reaction of the state of contemporary society in which the young person moves to the original work of public space. There were also reflections with humorous aspects of everyday reality life which are usually missed by our routine survival perspective. The common denominator of most of the work was great imagination and creative potential in the field of visual arts.

Videoart Match vol. 4th showed once again that young aspiring artists possess an interest and ability to communicate with audiences through video testimony and they are willing to confront their attitudes themselves in order to enhance their production capability. Projection consisted of 21 videos made by 14 authors: M. Al-Ali, R. Bušková, A. Cséfalvay, D. Demjanovič, J. Gabor, K. Hadravová, M. Hornak, L. Kellner, L. Klimešová, P. Mikolášová, T. Moravec, M. Kuchtová, V. Pikalíková, M. Ružinský, V. Tesnerová. There is an accompanying DVD as a traditional output from the previous events.

Peter Isteník