Tfilos Un Nigunim

Revived walls
Comenius Square comes alive
Date: 01/07/2019 - 04/07/2019
Year: 2019
City: Banska Bystrica Bratislava Martin
Tags: concert , music , projection , VJs
Lukáš Matejka
Slovak Arts Council
Mojše band
Michal Foršt
Miroslav Poprádi
Miloš Valent
Amir Wahba
Michal Paľko
František Kubiš
Jakub Stračina
Michal Kolárik
Nová Cvernovka
Múzeum SNP

A unique evening in the sign of Jewish culture, which is important, but often omitted in our cultural part of our cultural heritage.

Tfilos Un Nigunim is a project consisting of the realization of songs by the authorial duo Michal Paľko (music) and Shlomo ben Rivke (poems), which were released in 2018 in the form of a CD by Pavian Records.

The aim of the project is to make the Slovak legacy of Judaism accessible to the widest possible audience in the Slovak language in a modern musical performance between classical music, classical Jewish religious songs and popular music. In addition to translating texts of classical religious songs from Hebrew into Slovak, the Tfilos un Nigunim CD contains for the most part the original poetic work of the Jewish author – Shloma ben Rivke, moving on the interface of classical Judaism (Jewish orthodoxy) and Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

Music: Michal Foršt, Miroslav Poprádi, Miloš Valent, Amir Wahba, Michal Paľko, František Kubiš, Jakub Stračina

Sound: Michal Kolárik

Projection and Lights: Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT)