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Date: 28/06/2019 - 29/06/2019
Year: 2019
City: Trencin
Tags: animation , city park , light art , open air , projection , public space , theater
Lukáš Matejka
City Trenčín
Vlado Kulíšek
Miriam Obršlíková
Born to Trick
Musica Poetica

The sixth sequel to The Stories of Trenčín tells the story of Agata, a young tavern, from whom she became a queen maid and who found her life love in the castle. Extraordinary open-air artistic show full of breathtaking acrobatic performances and spectacular light displays. The story took place in South Park at seven locations, where more than three dozen performers played ten scenes. Especially for this occasion, a high tower was built – one of the greatest attractions of this year. The audience could see the show on June 28th and 29th at 21.15. The start was at the bottom of South Park.

The main role of Agata’s chamberlain was presented by a member of the acrobatic-dance group Vertigo, otherwise successful lawyer Klaudia Danisova. In addition to Vertigo, the period group Hector with their horses, Trencian acrobats and Freerunner Born to Trick, the historical fencing group Wagus, Musica poetica, and interesting animated video projection were prepared by TRAKT. Another novelty of this year was the laser show at the end of the event. The story of Agata was compiled and signed under the direction of the night show again, as well as in the previous five stories, Trencin Vlado Kulíšek.