Bare feet

Videoart match vol.4

Bare feet symbolizes the life of dancer touching his nature through the floor. To understand ourselves in the real world more deeply we need basis created by society and life in it. Performance highlights life of contemporary youth and young who seek, desire, dream and live unbound emotions. Performance mixed with many different dance styles was premiered in Bratislava City Theatre – the theatre of Pavol Orzságh Hviezdoslav on 5th June 2015.

Performers – dancers and groups : Robko Bárny a T.L.O.B., Dance Obsession (HU), Unicorn Light Performance Group (AU), Dancy, HAS company, TD Bralen, Renáta Gitana a El Moro, Simona Machovičová, Flow Pizana (AU),Chris Bryan Rone (USA), Daša Toporcerová and CaLiformAtion

Vocal : Samuel Hošek

Music : HASH

Visual media: Lukáš Matejka a Pavol Soukal (TRAKT)