Santa Claus sleigh

Workshop 3D scanning
Through the eyes of a film director

The magic of Christmas under Hradom Matus Cak bring this year into the holiday spirit of Trencin – interactive projection for children called Santa Claus sleigh.

The novelty of the project, which TRAKT realized already during the winter period a year ago, has become a driving license. This was not a regular driver’s license, driver’s license but the Santa Claus harness. He shot anyone who tried to drive digital harness. Záprah was shown via large projection on the white façade and the towers directly from the Peace Square. Interactive project steering using new media, has been implemented in our creative Elbe and is designed for public areas. TRAKT regularly conducts its creative visual projects currently in the public space with the focus to the general public. City Tower in Trenčín have often become a “movie screen”. Viewers, but especially children and young people this interactive projection for two nights was a nodule as evidenced by photographs and a short video.