Workshop Activities visuality & LIVE VJ

Cinema Passage
Christmas illumination of town tower
Date: 18/10/2012 - 21/10/2012
Year: 2012
City: Banska Bystrica
Tags: creative industries , education , festivals , projection mapping , public space , students , VJs , vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit , workshop coworking
Academy of Arts
Intermedia and digital media department
Boris Vitázek
Matúš Astrab
Zoltán Bíro
Soňa Divékyová
Simona Halečková
Dominik Janovský
Jakub Lindiš
Gregor Nadzam
Adriána Vančová

During the project Artorium 2012 at Faculty of Dramatical Arts, Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica, the workshop Aktivity Vizuality took place. The lector was Boris Vitázek (TRAKT). The student of Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratisalva, talented multimedial artist too, taught the proces of work in softwere VVVV. This software interface is multiple tool, which is set to be for manipulation and synthese of motion picture – video and medial space in real time. The skills with this softwere have potential to open to young multimedial and digital artists unexplored possibilities. Our goal was to motivate young people and sutdents to author´s creation thanks to help of new medias and step by step explain the principes of this artistic proces. The main aim of workshop was to support creative development of participants, their active participation in creation in this programme and to enhance their will to realize their ideas and thoughts. The parts of workshop were also evening´s projections on the facade of the Academy of Art´s building with the topic LIVE VJ as the part of visual teaser for the participants of workshop, but also for the wide public and people passing by.

Representatives of the Academy of fine Arts, took part students Matúš Astrab, Zoltán Bíro, Soňa Divékyová, Simona Halečková, Dominik Janovský, Jakub Lindiš, Lukáš Matejka, Gregor Nadzam, Adriána Vančová.