Cinema Passage

7th Festival Dokoran
Workshop Activities visuality & LIVE VJ

Subway station evokes the enclosed space of a small theater. This area presents an unusual student scene from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica. The content of the videos are a variety of topics from social through minimalist interventions in public space, to gender, or just exploring your own ego. The dominant focus is on values as such ​ nevertheless, student’s native spirit of rebellion and change the world is presented as well.

The project seeks to revive the space of the train station underpass within one day, offering video advertising format, as we are used to, but it tries to bring culture among ordinary people who travel by train every day. It focuses on a community of travelers, who are not assessed by age or social class. This particular installation in a public space is trying to bring the benefits of arts to the general audience while simultaneously is trying to improve the area where we live and remove stereotype of public space.
The project was financially supported by Healthy City Community Foundation – YouthBank magnet. The implementation of this project was made by informal group consisting of Stephen Olis, Lukas Matejka and Maria Judova, who are also part of the civic association TRAKT.