Young filmmakers visited Trenčín

… is not a matter of course?
Embroidered tower

Project Film workshop was realized in Trenčín and its surroundings.

Throughout the week was filming a movie called Night News. Daniela Slávikova’s work was also attended by students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Trenčín from the field of photographic design.

Thus, secondary school students had the opportunity to cooperate on a joint project with the Studio of Audiovisual Art of Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Students had the opportunity to directly experience film production and its creative process. During the workshop they also created their own outputs in the form of photographs and videos. During the main shooting day in Munich they could also try the action in extras. Professional film technology from Tomas Bata University was used during the project.

This project allowed professional shooting to be linked to a practical workshop. Projects of a similar type in which the university cooperates with a secondary school are very rare. However, they provide a wealth of experience for high school and university students learning new collaborations. Students of the Academy of Arts in Trenčín still have a theoretical part of film preparation and discussion with filmmakers. The project was organized by the civic association TRAKT, which has long been active in the field of art and education throughout Slovakia.

The film was shot for 4 days at 3 different locations. 2 places were located in Trenčín and 1 in the Munich time center, a cultural house.