Workshop Interactivity activities

New media art & Digital art meeting point
Cinematik videomapping

There was a project Artorium at the FDU AU in Banska Bystrica where workshop called Activities – interactivities was held. The major tutor Boris Vitázek (BA Fine Arts) was educating the basics of the software called VVVV. The core of the workshop was focusing on the learning the basic functions of motion video, animation, production facilities and its bundling on the music. In the Faculty of Fine Arts AU BB (Department of Intermedia and Digital Media) 11 students participated, specifically: Zuzana Badinková, Henrich Banas, Richard Čecho, Matthew Ivan, Catherine Karafová, Lukas Matejka, Stephen Olis, George Ondráš. For FDU Martin Vronsky and Kosice Technical University – Faculty of Arts and Lenka Kurimska Veronika Uramová. Outcomes of the workshop are presented in the evening via VJing and mapping on the façade of FDU building.