Mnichova Lehota

The village of Mnichova Lehota is situated in the embrace of Strážovské Hills and Považský Inovec. These forests are a popular place for tourists, mushroom pickers and hunters. In the urban area of Mnichova Lehota there are relaxation places for visitors who can take part in many cultural and social events, eg. of traditional Trenčín folklore festivals. In the local part of Jarka is a large cottage area, used by holidaymakers from all over the country. This area along the Radar motorway is also used as a starting point for hikes and ascents to the Považský Inovec massif.

21. November 2019

Young filmmakers visited Trenčín

Project Film workshop was realized in Trenčín and its surroundings. Throughout the week was filming a movie called Night News. Daniela Slávikova’s work was also attended […]