Reindeer Sledding

Santa Claus Sledding on Nicholas Square
She had seventy skirts

Within the Christmas program of Trenčín magic of Christmas 2016 TRAKT prepared interactive projection Reindeer Sledding, which is designed for children and youth. One of the creators, Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejka, ArtD. (TRAKT), sad: “There is no need to sit at home in front of computer screen, you can come during Christmas at the plaza. Parents have traditionally punch and for children there is our interactive projection.”

Reindeer Sledding is a new version of Santa Claus Sledding, which was on the Christmas markets in Trenčín one year ago. This project premiered at the Festival of Light and Shadow in Banska Bystrica. Digital game on the facade of the town tower was projecting for three hours. Young viewers had an oportunity to take a driver’s license for reindeer sledding.