Santa Claus Sledding on Nicholas Square

Sonnets 2016
Reindeer Sledding

Medieval markets in Trnava on the Nicholas Square,on Dec. 17, 2016 were enriched by interactive projection Santa Claus Sledding, made by TRAKT. This interesting project created by Pavol Soukal from our creative LAB had its premiere in Trnava. Only viewers in Trencin and Banska Bystrica were able to see a similar instalation. Interactive digital installation traditionally attracted especially children but also many adults liked it. Digital Project has traditionally put a smile on the faces of dozens, perhaps hundreds of people who visited Medieval markets in Trnava during Christmas.

TRAKT regularly conducts its visual projects in the public space with a focus on the general public. Again, it managed to bring positive mood full of laugh and joy and enrich Christmas by unusual experience.