Park camp

Pecha Kucha Night vol.3 Zlín
Date: 27/07/2015 - 01/08/2015
Year: 2015
City: Trebisov
Tags: camp , city park , discussion , gepark activity , interpretation , light art , open air , performance , public space , workshop coworking
Download: Výzva Park Camp
Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
Petra Klepcová
Stanislav Piatrik
Katarína Hudačinová
Martin Zlievský
Brigita Bialová
Katarína Tribulová
Róbert Suchý

Members TRAKT Lukas Matejka and Stefan Oliš participated in Trebišov – Park Camp, organized by OZ Kontext (Peter Valiska-Timečko and Branislav Zurko), as a free continuation of the project from 2014 Light camp. Park Camp was held July 27-August 1 2015. The workshop was again focused on light as a medium and location Trebišov City Park. Works were mainly focused on the performative, visual and intermedia art in public spaces. The main lecturer of the workshop was Tomas Moravek (Institute of Light Design Prague), experienced lighting designer, who works in the Prague area – mainly in theater and dance performances. Participants thus had a unique opportunity to look at working with light slightly differently and try to combine elements of theater and contemporary art.

Within a block trio of lectures for the general public (Moravek, Matejka, Zurko), Lukas Matejka presented his authorship of following the project of the civic association tract. In addition to a series of lectures and presentations portfolios of the participating artists (Lukas Matejka, Stefan Oliš, Petra Klepcová, Stanislav Piatrik, Katarina Hudačinová, Martin Zlievský, Brigita Bialová, Katarina Tribulová, Robert Suchy) were given the opportunity to become familiar with lighting in practice, but also exercise the Norwegian GEPARK who are experienced its nationwide debut. Workshop in Trebišov second year starts a promising tradition of site – specific Scan “camp”, where artists have the opportunity to create an amazing atmosphere in the park under the leadership of interesting lecturers. It offers the possibility of cooperation as well as in future editions, or partnership in other projects.

Photos made by David Hanko.