Nomads land Praha

Workshop animation & vj
Illumination of Advent

TRAKT (SK) and Mamapapa (CZ) took part in the December residence “Nomads Land” in Prague. The area of DIVUS SPACE was for artists the base and working studio, from where they had realized field studies of the locations. Task of the artists Tomas Žižka, Michaela Bottková and Lukas Matejka was to create beam art projections in Prague public space. Designed visuals artists represent as a direct reactions to memory of events in January 1969, around the personality of Jan Palach. With research issues actively helped Ondrej Šulc and project coordinator Michal Somoš. For documentation of the project was involved Dominik Žižka. The project (sub-realization)  is part of multimedia opera Hopes & Memories and in 2013 was supported by Visegrad Fund.