Pecha Kucha Night vol.3 Zlín

Creative activities outside school
Park camp

In the area of ​​Zlín legendary House of Art – Bata monument – symbol of culture and extraordinary Baťa architecture, just prior to the next stage of building modifications took place already the third Pecha Kucha Night Zlín.

PKN had planned launch on Feb. 25, 2015 (symbolically at 20:20), thus becoming the last action before reconstruction of the building. The event was presented together 10 presenters, various fields, focus, and ways of expression. Zlin regions PKN presented HRA U13 – Pavel Novák and Michal Ščuglík (CZ), puojd – Michaela Bednárová (SK), Andrii Konontsev (Crimea), Tereza Damcová (CZ), Zlin potty (CZ), Radek Petříček (CZ), Jana Janíková (CZ), Roman Šedina (CZ), Dalibor Stříbný (CZ). Among them was also represented TRAKT, which presented the two founders of the association Lukas Matejka (SK) and Štefan Oliš (SK). Each of the participants used their time of presentation 6.40 min. own style. Presentation time has been strictly defined, as the project is PKN international format 20×20, which means 20 slides x 20 seconds. Representatives of the TRAKT sought in this ultra short time together to present activities and projects TRAKT. In condensed speech before some 300 spectators mentioned briefly the most important projects of more than 5 years history.

Once again demonstrated the importance of networking and cooperation, which in future may form an important network, which helps in the formation of mycelium for Culture and Arts. Poodchýlili thus in a short time back door to Zlín – city of design where every step feel the presence of Bata University and progressive spirit.