Park camp 8

V4 Academy: Video Mapping Workshop

The eighth year of the summer workshop Park CAMP focuses on participatory and interactive art, art in the public space of the city park in Trebišov (in cooperation with the Koniareň gallery – space for contemporary art – The aim of the event is to create a professional-educational space for students, graduates and teachers at art colleges in Slovakia and abroad. The aim of the project is gaining new knowledge and experience in the field of contemporary art, intermedia art and interdisciplinary overlaps. The project which was created for the city park in Trebišov and the KONIAREŇ cultural space focuses on the interaction with the spectator via social interventions within natural environment of the park where participants can, aside from participatory an interactive art, work with site-specific art, performance, sound art, public art, conceptual art and new media-technologies art strategies. Apart from the theoretical phase of the workshop, participants can be a part of the practical phase where they can create visual and acoustic arts – interventions into the natural environment of the park, together with professional lecturers (Miroslav Nicz and Peter Valiska-Timečko). The goal is to create such works of art, with which participants will try out the work right on the field in confrontation with the audience. The intention is to react to the specific park environment (site-specific art) or to thematically respond to the direct relationship between the city and natural environment (public – private, natural vs. technological, online – offline).

Authors: Stanislav PIATRIK (SK), Peter VALISKA-TIMEČKO (SK), Monika VITANYI (SK), Miloš MOZDÍK (SK), Martin BIZÍK (SK), Lucia VEČERNÁ (SK), Mária PIATRIKOVÁ (SK), Michaela IHNÁTOVÁ (SK), Juliana SVITKOVÁ (SK), Lukáš MATEJKA – TRAKT (SK) and Štefan OLIŠ – TRAKT SK)

Koniareň is an independent cultural space (former riding hall) located on the premises of the museum and the cultural center of south Zemplín in Trebišov. It is a connection of an art lab, a cultural institution, a community space and a group of activists. The space is situated on the premises of a manor house in one of the biggest forest parks in the Central Europe.

Gardens, fountains, a pond and other natural landmarks are part of the park. There, the visitors can find the Mausoleum of Count Július Andrássy, an amphitheater, the Parič castle ruins, wine cellars, a French garden and various recreational zones. The final exhibition in the Koniareň gallery under the theme INTER-ACTION is part of the event including a guided tour on the marked trail with visual interventions in the city park. Associate professor, a conceptual and multimedia artist and a university lecturer Miroslav Nicz with a degree in painting will be the curator and the lecturer of the event. The workshop will provide a direct experience and confrontation of the author with the public.

Title: PARK CAMP 8. /International workshop of visual art/

Place: Trebišov city park and Koniareň – space for contemporary art

Date: 16th of August – 21st of August 2021

Preview: 20th of August 2021 /Friday/ at 6 pm.

Lecturers: associate prof. Miroslav Nicz (with a degree in painting) and Mgr. art. Peter Valiska-Timečko, ArtD

Organizer: Slovak organization of Art and Culture (civic association) and KONIAREŇ

Co-organizers: the city of Trebišov and the museum and cultural center of the south Zemplín

The event was funded by the Slovak Arts Council from public resources.

Photographs: Stanislav Piatrik, Eva Čarnoká

Translated by: Karin Miklossiová