Park camp 8
Castle Walls
Date: 07/08/2021 - 07/08/2021
Year: 2021
City: Kremnica
Tags: 3Ds , art intervention , city park , digital art , ecology , festivals , open air , projection
Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
Slovak Arts Council
Alexandra Rychtarčíková
Jana Jackovičová
Bibiána Hudáková
Viktor Vilkovský
Ondrej Vozárik
Akropola Kremnica
Arter Eniac
Ivana Laila Drobná
Ové Pictures
Andy Switch
Katedra tanečnej tvorby Vysokej školy múzických umení v Bratislave

The 7th of August 2021 is going to be carried out in the spirit of light projections and art installations, mostly under the theme of looking into the past of the former botanical garden that was built by writer Gustáv Kazimír Zechenter-Laskomerský right by his house.

The title “NOCTURNO” comes from the word “nocturno” which is a translation for night music or instrumental music that is played outside, as for example a serenade. The night during the NOCTURNO should also be like a song, a beautiful music of visual arts.

Artists like Arter Eniac from Kremnica, who has created a lot of graphics for the city, artists from the civic association TRAKT with their piece of work entitled Strom slov (Tree of Words) created by Lukáš Matejka and Štefan Oliš in cooperation with Alexandra Rychtarčíková and Viktor Vilkovský and a piece of work entitled Modrá planéta (Blue planet) by Štefan Oliš, artist Ivana Laila Drobná, Ové Pictures art group or a group of young architects will be presented. The programme is going to be accompanied by a lecture dedicated to the history of Zechenter garden, a Andy Switch concert or a movement performance by students of the Department of Dance Creation of the Academy of Performing Arts.

Strom slov (Tree of Words) (2021)

Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT), Štefan Oliš (TRAKT), Viktor Vilkovský and Alexandra Rychtarčíková

Site – specific digital installation entitled Strom slov reflects the history of Zechenter garden in Kremnica and, at the same time, opens up the themes of ecology, climate or history and of a relationship between people and the nature. The installation consists of sound projection on a specific branch of tree which transforms into a 3D talking head. This sexless face of an “avatar” tells a fictional story with the support of historical events which is connected to the specific place and to the specific chosen tree. A once-in-a-lifetime experience with elements of surrealistic supernatural overlap is thus created.

Modrá planéta (Blue planet) (2021)

Štefan Oliš (TRAKT)

Short, but that much powerful videoprojection is a conceptual work of art that is broadened by a certain illustrative idea of an artist. The projection is strongly focused on the current issues of climate change and its aspects. It primarily bets on the subject matter of the work of art and its main idea. The goal is to “shake” the spectator and leave them with an emotion worth thinking over.

Photos by: Bibiána Hudáková

Translated by: Karin Miklossiová