Folklore graffiti ZSE

Digital rural – light
Animation workroom

Energetic Folklore graffiti by TRAKT took place on 24th and 31st March 2017 in front of STEJDŽ (alternative club in Trenčín). The exterior of STEJDŽ provided the ideal backdrop for the realization of folk visual imagery that the viewers created throughout the evening with the use of an interactive spray on the historical facade of the ZUŠ – Elementary School of Art Trenčín. This unique unusual experience revives the stereotype of the Friday evening.

The civic association TRAKT is primarily involved in digital media projects. Currently, there is very little of such art projects on the market, and very little awareness of what the possibilities are in this direction. The project Folklore Graffiti introduces the general public (mostly youth) to the contemporary visual art in the public space and offers the opportunity to directly participate. As the project represents traditional folk symbols and motifs in a new context it becomes a great platform for the non-traditional entertainment as well as education for all age groups. The project was supported by Foundation ZSE and company SEOYON E-HWA Automotive Slovakia. Thank you.