Animation workroom

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Animation is a way of creating seemingly moving things. Animation = revival. Who is the animation workshop designed for? Children aged 6-14 years in particular (older but interested parties or parents may also participate). What do you learn about the workshop? At the workshop, we are devoted exclusively to the manual technique of animation. You will use your creativity to create a short animated movie. The animation principle is a record of the sequential sequencing of the images. The rapid impression of these images gradually results in a sense of smooth motion due to the inertia of the human eye. However, images must be played at a rate that is no longer captured by the eye. How workshop works? As soon as you arrive, you will choose from several possible techniques you want to address. First of all, for the inspiration, we release films from the previous workshop. You can work in groups, with a friend or with a parent, an old parent :-). With movies you can then boast wherever you want.

Lecturer Matej Mazák (TRAKT) realized the Animation Workshop in Uherské Hradiště (Czech republic) at Movie theater Hvězda on 27 March 2017 and during the workshop children created their first short animation animations.