Park camp 3

A historical celebration
A story about a clown
Date: 18/07/2016 - 23/07/2016
Year: 2016
City: Trebisov
Tags: camp , field research , interactive art , intermedia art , public space , sound art , students , vernissage , video art , workshop coworking
Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
Ján Ančic
Michal Murin
Filip Kmeť
Ján Krška
Martin Hreha
Matúš Gavorník
Martin Koniar
Jana Mikleová
Matej Ivan

Park camp  is a project taking place in Trebišov’s park from 18th to 23rd of July 2016 organised by members of „OZ KONTEXT“ Peter Valiska -Timečko and Branislav Zurko. The role of the lecturers was taken by Lukáš Matejka and Štefan Oliš from „TRAKT“ and their external colleague Ján Ančic took. The target group of Park camp 3 were students of art universities. The project was focused on video and sound art. The aim was a creation of pieces of art responding to the park ambiance – site-specific art. They tried to reflect the relation between urban and natural environment (public-private, organic-inorganic, natural – industrial). Many students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and Košice participated on the project. The organisers prepared a kind of „educational laboratory“ to provide students with new creative stimuli and knowledge of actual and progressive art. They had an opportunity to learn new creative methods through experimenting.

There was a field trip of the old city center guided by M. Urban, Slovak wine tasting and several educative presentations e.g. Koniareň platform, sound technologies by J. Ančič,  art projects by L.Matejka and Š.Oliš, history of intermedial projects in Slovakia by M.Murin, students work exhibition, Maroš Kontroš’s vernissage and Milan Ladyk’s performance. The highlight was a night tour intended for the general public guided by curator Michal Murin.

The park came alive with young authors’ pieces of art: Ján Krška‘s „Mausoleum video mapping Realitta“ reflecting current political and social situation, FIlip Kmeť’s sound installation „Dutiny“ and interactive installation „Ostrov“, Matúš Gavorník’s sound installation „Enter the Wild„ expressing the difference between artificially created green zones in urban areas and wild nature, which was paradoxically depicted by movement of little electric machines, Martin Hreha’s sound installation, Martin Koniar’s dance performance „Trebishow+“ in which the dribbling performer with lights attached to his body accompanied with musical composition presented a kind of modern ritual. The performer was interacting with the audience by passing the ball to them.

Matej Ivan’s audiovisual experiment creating a dialogue took place in the park as well. It was based on site specific connection of the dog shelter, fox coursing, which are supposed to start again in the park, game hunting and animal protection exhibitions.  Jana Mikleová’s installation “Pólo“ referred to a historical polo match.

„Nová Koniareň“ is an independent cultural centre in Trebišov. It merges a cultural laboratory, cultural institution and collective of activists. There are ateliers in Trebišov castle situated in one of the biggest forest parks in Slovakia. The park has many gardens, fountains, lakes and cyclopaths. There is also the Július Andrássy’s Mausoleum, ruins of Parič’s castle, wine taverns, a French garden and several recreation zones.