Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart
Date: 18/08/2014 - 22/08/2014
Year: 2014
City: Trebisov
Tags: art intervention , contemporary art , digital art , neighbourhood , projection mapping , public space
Download: Mapka Intervencii 2014
Lukáš Matejka
Matej Mazák
Petra Housková
Beata Kolbašovská
Jakub Pišek
Stanislav Piatrik
Peter Valiska-Timečko
Peter Kalmus

Interventions 2014 event is cyclical, annual improvements examination fine art interventions in the public space, of which the first edition was held in 2012. The event takes place in the streets, squares, parks or other public places in Trebišov. Professional artists make up for a week at selected locations around site-specific interventions and works to revitalize public spaces, pointed to problems associated with public space, temporarily altered and awakened existing works of art and to enrich the empty spaces of the artistic value of content. “The primary objective of the event, but it is aestheticism or beautify the urban space. Art and art creation is more or less tool for examining the nature of public space, the quality, specifications, conditions and possibilities. To some extent it is a project of civic activism, usurpation the right to occupy public space to which we are all indisputable claim. Interventions in 2014 are thus something like art laboratory which should provide space for the free formation, in his concept of resolving the specific problems of the city, the relationship public-private spaces, standing artefacts in the public space, the use of public space inhabitants, their habits in relation to public areas, buildings, or anything you can think of in connection art and public space, “stated curator and one of the organizers Branislav Zurko.

The theme of this symposium is empty – void. “The city is too many empty spaces which could and should serve some for life in the city of useful features at least could carry some cultural and artistic value, so that affected the residents and users of urban space, or even not because of For some reason really good for nothing else but to remain overgrown and neglected. Intervention but want to find out! “Said another organizer Peter Valiska-Timečko.