Kunsthalle Bratislava: Art in Public

Presentation of the field of study: Multimedia
Humans from the gypsy people
Date: 23/11/2016 - 23/11/2016
Year: 2016
City: Bratislava
Tags: discussion , kunsthalle space , presentation , public space , talk
Lukáš Matejka
Kunsthalle Bratislava
Nina Šošková

Art in Public is the successful cycle of managed discussions by Nina Šošková. Introducing the activities of guests and organizations from the field of art and public art initiatives to spectators is the intension of the discussions. Presentation of TRAKT (Lukáš Matejka) and Koniarne / The Stable / (Branislav Zurko) took place on the 23rd November 2016 in the KLUB – Kunsthalle Bratislava.

The Stable is an alternative place to support the creation and presentation of contemporary art and culture. The Stable´s aim is to fill the gap between traditional institutions and create conditions for the presentation of contemporary art. They bring current trends on the cultural periphery and contemporary art make available to the wider public. The basics are gallery activities and activities in the field of visual culture, but space for contemporary art also has the ambition to support a variety of energetic activities based on local communities. The Stable was established in 2013 as part of building of Riding-Schools belonging to the museum and cultural center of South Zemplin in Trebisov, where it acted until 2015. In early 2016, the gallery moved to the former barter station at the bus station. Nowadays this place is operated by  O.Z.KONTEXT  – responsible people are Mgr. Branislav Žurek, Mgr. art Peter Valiska-Timečko Mgr. Vladimir Vajsová art.

So far gallery organized more than 15 group and 8 solo exhibitions, 2 foreign theaters (Theatre of Novi Sad / Serbia), 8 symposia / workshops (symposium Park Camp) and a number of accompanying activities. In gallery The Stable were presented a number of established artists (Michal Murin, Tomáš Rafa, John Vasilko, Richard Kitta, Joseph Suchoža, Boris Vaitovič, Peter Kalmus, Peter Králik) and many other prospective graduates of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and the Faculty of Arts in Košice. The exhibition involved several Slovak curators, let us mention for example art theoretician PhDr. Alena Vrbanová, PhD.

TRAKT is civil association situated in Trenčin which is focused on activities related to art and culture. We replace the tradition of large organizations by the young spirit, innovation and activity of the members. The main aim of the TRAKT includes art oriented projects focused on new media and film.

They are interested in contemporary art through interactive forms, installations, digital events and environmental vjing projections in public. In spite of combining non-traditional styles, forms and concepts, they support and work with traditional artistic techniques and approaches. The effort of this young team of TRAKT is to revive and diversify an art life in Slovak regions with overlap to foreign cooperation.