White night

TEDx Trenčín – Resonance
Young art show 9

„The animation is reviving lifeless – teachers were learning us this formula all school long. It means the animator gives life to drawings, material or objects. I took it literally,“ Matej Mazák said.

Revived is the stuff, which we see everyday but we hardly notice it – this is the reason, they need our attention and they want to be seen at least the one night a year. Mail box which is nowadays hardly used, old ticket machine which is used for sticking posters or Bratislava´s „periscops“ which are too nice to be forgot on the car park…

The passion of Matej Mazák from TRAKT is reviving lifeless. He likes to imagine what do trash cans think about in the night and he also likes to make up cartoon things which he concerns as alive as he is. Matej attended seven years of animation studies in Ostrava and there he was also a teacher for a short time. Currently he works as graphic designer for-hire wherever is he needed for example in Pixel Federation, Lokal Filmis or „Star Taxi“. In his spare time, Matej work on his own cartoon.

Due to animations Matej revived objects in public places on White Night 2016 in Bratislava and Košice.