Bytca is a district town in the northwest of Slovakia, in the Žilinský Region. It lies mostly on the right bank of the Váh, in Bytčianska kotlina. From the northwest, the town is surrounded by Javorniky and from the southeast by Suľov mountains. The streets of Petrovička brook through the middle of the square and have a mild appearance of fish.

31. August 2019

Videomapping on Starry Nights

Starry Nights is an urban multi-genre festival. His intention is to revive the public space of Bytča for 4 days with concerts, film screenings, theater, other […]
18. November 2018

Holography on Starry Nights

The third weekend of August was the 4th year of the Starry Nights multi-genre festival in Bytča. This small Slovak festival has a completely different concept […]