Videomapping on Starry Nights

Digital graffiti in Trnava

Starry Nights is an urban multi-genre festival. His intention is to revive the public space of Bytča for 4 days with concerts, film screenings, theater, other accompanying activities and to breathe a magical festival atmosphere for a moment.

TRAKT will take care of video mapping this year. When? 16 August 2019.

Videomapping directly follows the guided tour of Bytča. Projection or mapping, also known as projection mapping, moves up the water wall last year, this time the top of the pharmacy’s facade. This has not been distorted by the visual urban advertising smog, which in cities covers more and more not only surfaces and facades. Projection areas can also be complex industrial landscapes, such as building facade complexes, as well as small interior items or theater scenes. Using special software, a two- or three-dimensional object or visual is spatially mapped so that it can copy shapes and lines of the screen directly. The software communicates with the projector to fit all desired images onto the surface of the subject. The new media art technique is mainly used by creatives and artists who can create additional dimensions, optical illusions and specific movements into previously static objects. Video projection is often performed in combination with sound and music or it is conceived as an audio-visual narration with a micro story. TRAKT performers on Star Nights will present a special tailored video mapping. The history of the pharmacy building as well as the name of its architect will appear in both abstract and concrete visual images.