Digital graffiti in Trnava

Videomapping on Starry Nights
Light Valmez 2019

Even graffiti on the Trnava Town Hall building, Peter Bročka, the Mayor of Trnava, is already looking forward to it. As a small tasting before the Festival of Light and Shadow 2019 – Trnava we bring you the opportunity to spray the town hall with digital graffiti. You get a spray in your hands, squeeze the nozzle, and there the similarity to the classic spraying techniques ends because:

-> You will spray to places where only Spiderman or unknow on the platform.

-> You will make paintings as big as an elephant.

-> You will not damage the historical facade, because it is a digital projection.

TRAKT brings you this FREE experience at the Light and Shadow Festival. See you on Friday 30.8.2019 and 13.9.2019 in Trnava after dark.