TEDx Trenčín – Resonance

A story about a clown
White night
Date: 01/10/2016 - 01/10/2016
Year: 2016
City: Trencin
Tags: castle , presentation , talk
City Trenčín
Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
TEDx Trencin
Patrik Kubizna
Peter Mikušinec

On the 1st October 2016, one interesting event was held on the Trenčín castle and TRAKT was officially video recording the special ideas presented there. 13 speakers from fields of science, art, design or psychology and almost 200 enthusiastic participants came and also attented activities, which strongly resonated. An unforgettable experience from this event just strengthened the magic atmosphere of the most beautiful place in Trenčín.  How did TEDx 2016 look?

Resonance at each corner

Every TEDx event has its characteristics topic. This year, our vision was to make people remember it. The lectures were meant maybe to make a change in people´s thinking, maybe arouse an exciting discussion or make people to act. So that, Resonance is the subheading of annual set. Every little part of the event was referred to this topic – from morning climb on the Trenčín castle to the evening afterparty which was spent by interviews with inspiring people.


Diversity on the stage and also in the audience

There were a physicist, respected psychologist, documentary photographer, stand up comedian or writer within hours on one stage. Everything is possible on TEDx! And even people who were not really interested in some topics before, were watching the lectures breathlessly.

Nobody was bored even during breaks

During breaks there were many activities for participants. They could shorten their time by coloring anti stress color books or relaxing during massage. At the hand of social networks and original tatoo, people could spread the meaningful ideas. Many got their unforgettable day documented by photo near original 360° wall with its view on the castle. The game MEMONIK was also worth a try – it is pexeso for sightless. This year people who got back from the restrooms have been smiling the most. Humour was resonating also there. Well, laughing is good.

Nobody had en empty belly

Tasty refreshments were smelling very well during every break. For breakfast you could choose crispy croissants or canapé, then you could get two-course healthly lunch and after that fresh salad or kebab were served for dinner. All day long participants could get illimitable amount of coffee from local coffee house, bio juices and lemonades. As a sweet course chocolate pralines were served. Food was offered outside in catering tent or people could take it outside of the tent and made a picnic right under the castle. Weather was really great for such an event. Also live music couldn´t be missed by such a good lunch.

Hoooray, afterparty!

The programme finished, but TEDx Trenčín was not over yet, afterparty was ready. Party was mostly about networking, getting to know new, interesting people and long chats with speakers. Also, another activities where you could win some tempting prices were on. To stay in a good mood for all evening long helped the glass of delicious wine or beer from local pub. The best conclusion of such as inspiring day was exactly dreamy atmosphere and night panorama of Trenčín with great group of people.

We believe you have spent this day the best with us and see you next year on TEDx Trenčín 2017!