Happy audio on parade

MIMO reprise
Digital Graffiti Light Valmez

Street 1 May in Trenčín in the middle of September 2017 revived the spirit of the urban market under the name Trenčín na korze. Despite the foggy and humid weather, a large number of visitors arrived to experience the renaissance of the street market. And let’s be admired to buy. In addition to buying a hand made product, whether on clothing, on food, or just on the edge, people could enjoy a great cup of coffee and a variety of other crisps. The main program was attended by different theatrical and musical groups, soloists and also lacking accompanying activities such as various art workshops and the like.

TRAKT could not miss this event. We contributed to the unparalleled installation of Happy Audio, which involved not only children but also adults. The audience had the opportunity to interact and create their own music by playing fruit and vegetables that made different sounds. Installation was a visitor, all day available, and everyone who came to KORZO appeared to touch the playing vegetables and enjoyed a pleasant, cheerful experience.