Comix Jibb Jamm

PERFORM ACTION – Minifest of the Action art and performances in Banská Bystrica (Slovak National Uprising Square and Cinema “Star”) happened on May 19th, 2010. Students of the Department of Intermedia and Digital Media – FFA – Academy of Arts participated on this project. We could put this event under a certain form of happening when one day the streets literally were dominated by students from FFA in Banská Bystrica. Their actions disrupted the stereotype of a typical day in the town. There were produced many performances, very good at quality, which solved current issues and deeper topics too. They weren’t mean like the first shocked action, but most works had quite deep sophisticated concept. Nevertheless, messages could be relatively easy to identify, which certainly appreciated the audience in a public space thus residents of the city.
Organizer: Platform DigiVAF (ex).
Co-organizer: TRAKT.