Young art show 9

White night
Presentation of the field of study: Multimedia

The ninth annual art show of young artists crowded again the House of Art in Piešťany. On the 21st October 2016 spectators visited gala finisage exhibiton of art named Young art show. Paintings, photographs or another kind of art were completed by all sort of clothes which were related by one common thing – worshiping women.

The works of art from young artists were exhibited from the 5th October 2016. Evening was introduced by Diana Hágerová. Designers Kristína Bánovská, Monika Pšenicová, Petra Kovácsová, Tatiana Ďurkovová, Tatiana Dvořáková a Viera Futáková were showing their trendy clothing. One of them was inspired by 20th century, another by pink color and every of them created unique collection. Each of designers tried to elevate feminity by the medium of their creations. Organizer of the event Martin Ševčovič flattered fashion models and all women in the audience and also in backstage when he said: „All ladies should be praised because praise belongs to them.“

Pianist Jan Rau, rap singer Vladis and three teenagers – acrobats who are named For Fun Crew – took care about cultural programme. After the program and exhibiton, gala banquet was ready for the audience. 64 young artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Great Britain and USA were the part of the international project Young Art Show in 2016. The event provides a space for communication and presentation of young artists. The project is primarily oriented at students and graduates from local and foreign art universities. It offers the audience an insight into the current Slovak and foreign fine arts. Artworks in the House of Art were available to see   till the 30 October 2016.


Photo: Matúš Krajčo and Peter Čintalan