Presentation of the field of study: Multimedia

Young art show 9
Kunsthalle Bratislava: Art in Public
Date: 09/11/2016 - 09/11/2016
Year: 2016
City: Banska Bystrica
Tags: intermedia art , new media , presentation , students , talk
Download: Tlačová správa odbor Multimédia
Lukáš Matejka
Stredná priemyselná škola Jozefa Murgaša

As part of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia, on the 9th November 2016 Secondary School in Banská Bystrica prepared presentations and workshops for professionals called “multimedia – new branch of study for secondary schools.” During the presentation professionals, experts, artists and teachers from secondary schools and universities were also given a word. Separate presentation was focused on creative art projects of Multimedia which was prepared for students and the public by Mgr. art. Lukas Matejka, ArtD. (TRAKT). Matejka introduced his art creations and the Festival of light and shadow in Banská Bystrica where he works as a curator.

A selection from the news release: Graphics, advertising and television studios can find experts already among high school students. The Secondary school Jozef Murgaš in Banská Bystrica prepares 30 students per year for work in multimedia sphere. “Graduate employment and full enforcement of our graduates in all media spheres is our priority,” said Ing. Kamil Kordík, the head of the Secondary school Jozef Murgaš. School leaders along with invited experts from major media will look for new ways of linking teaching with practice. The workshop will focus on audio-visual technique, production of films, tutorials, creating graphic materials. The next will be representing graduation works and the works of students from this field of study. During the study, students learn to use multimedia devices, they are able to assert themselves in the commercial sector in graphics, advertising, music, radio and television studios, in film, in the writting publications, materials for e-learning and virtual education. “Multimedia, it is not just a theory, it is all about use in practice. Our students therefore get the necessary time to implement various projects, we lead them to independent thinking and creative attitude to the job. The school provides them for that needs professional and technical background,” said Ing. Tatiana Vráblová, guarantor of the field of study as well as teacher in Secondary Technical School Jozef Murgaš.