Stupava is a town situated in Slovakia in the Bratislava region. It borders on the malached area, with which it is associated with close cultural and historical relationships. The town is a Roman Catholic parish church of St. Štefan, King of Hungary from 1763 – 67, Baroque chapel of Christ Trpitele with Calvary (1709 – 1713/14), Chapel of Sts. John the Baptist (1754) and the chapel of the Holy Cross / Korger’s chapel (originally Baroque, rebuilt in 1890 in neo-classicist style), sv. Vendelin (19th century) and St. Barbora from 1708. In the town of Mast, the Roman Catholic Fellowship Church of St. Sebastián from 1701, Chapel of St. Urbana from 1705 and Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes from 1938. In the cadastral area of the town is part of the natural reserve Pod Pajštúnom.

19. March 2017

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