14th conference about of the tourism

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Humanity workshop and the authors presentation
Date: 27/05/2014 - 27/05/2014
Year: 2014
City: Prievidza
Tags: presentation , students , talk , tourism , youth
Marek Janičík

On March 27th, Marek Janičík and Lukáš Matejka (the members of TRAKT) attended 14th Conference of tourism in Prievidza called „Po toku Nitry“. Representatives of civic association TRAKT held at this conference short lecture about the new possibilities in tourism promotion. They focused mainly on new forms of promotional materials, more modern graphics, viral and promo videos. The aim of the lecture was to inform the public and people who deal with tourism to achieve the greatest success with propagation of their hotels, museums and hostels. And they wanted them to know to distinguish quality work of graphics from non-quality. The members of TRAKT decided for this lecture because of the fact, that the associations, organizations or entrepreneurs at tourism often pay big money for poor quality promo material. Sometimes in makes even anti-advertising. Often, the potential which the hotel or museum has, is not used. The lecture of the TRAKT members had therefore great importance and we look forward, that the interest about it was really big.