Preparation of the conception for work with youth 2015 – 2021

The digital photography and short movie competition 2015
Date: 25/06/2015 - 25/06/2015
Year: 2015
City: Trencin
Tags: discussion , education , presentation , youth
Štefan Oliš

The meeting about the conception for work with youth during years 2015-2021 took place at Gallery M. A. Bazovsky in Trenčín, June 25th 2015, focusing on editing  the documents pepared in May with a group of experts.  First document – SWOT – is an analysis of the work with young. Second document created the propositions for the conception of work with youth. The people at meeting were randomly divided into groups by 4. Representativ of TRAKT Štefan Oliš was a leader of group focusing on replenishing the points that may help in future with grant systems and work with the youth as well.

More of discussants agreed upon the fact that one of the biggest mistakes in grant challenging is undersizing of human sources. The exclusion of paying wages liquidates many useful human sources that don´t have time to work with the young responsibly. We are preparing the concept of a carier position for the professional goverment worker with youth connecting many different social and cultural institutions. It is important for TRAKT to be a part of this meetings because of their public goals focused on work with youth and children.