Green heart

Crisis, mind mapping
Taste W.
Date: 05/08/2014 - 25/08/2014
Year: 2014
City: Arles Miramas Saint Remy de Provence
Tags: fine arts , research and development , workshop coworking , youth
Miriama Kardošová
Štefan Oliš
Matej Ivan
Linda Van Dalen
Chris Kirchnerová
Adam Slezák
Lucia Moravčíková
Vladimíra Hradecká
Paula Ďurinová

The member of TRAKT, Štefan Oliš, took part in August at international workshop in France. Together with other participants (Matej Ivan, Linda Van Dalen, Chris Kirchnerová, Adam Slezák, Lucia Moravčíková, Vladimíra Hradecká, Paula Ďurinová) he worked on several performances in picteresque town of Miramas near Marseille. People from France, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkya and Italy were working on the performances, which consists dance, theater and singing. The cover theme of workshop was called “Green heart”, but the outcomes were much more realxed and they didn´t keep strictly the ecological themes. Except the Miramas the performances took place in Arles and Saint Remy.

During the project in Miramas (15.8.2014) another group of youth was connected. Together they created group of more than 100 people from 10 countries. The patronate over the project held  CYME organization, which cooperates with TRAKT also at another projects. In addition to culture, project supported international cooperation, exchange of contacts and experiences.