Taste W.

Green heart
Young art show 7
Date: 10/09/2014 - 28/09/2014
Year: 2014
City: Nitra
Tags: contemporary art , exhibition , fine arts , happening art , vernissage
Nitra gallery
Štefan Oliš
Matúš Chrást

The connection of the word „ochutnávka“ („taste“) and letter „V“ in the title of the exhibition suggest wine tasting, to which is all concept based.  Classic wine tasting become art peace. Also work react very strightly on process of openings of art shows and elitism in the art.

Why do people go to the opening? Vernisage means festive opening of the exhibition. The word is associated with art show and refection. Visitors hear curator speach,  they discuss between each other  with pleasure and  then they  observe refection. The exhibition and art falls into the background. Why tasting  of wines could not be art itself?

„Ochutnávka V“ is based on short event. Classic wine tasting – wine evaluation opened for public.  Event is appropriated by degustation – wine tasting as artistic activity. Staged occasion reconstructed live tasting in real time and space, in direct interaction with visitors. Happening „Ochutnávka“ become opportunity for discussion, improvisation and unpredictable. It is up to the spectator himself how to judge the work which escape all conventions of galleries.

The art show is critique of elitism in art. Simultaneously it is reflection of society focused on shallow values. The whole event will run as general wine tasting event – tasters and visitors become part of the work. They will taste five tastes of wine. We are focused on laymans. Taste of wine will be the most expected sensorial atribute. Layman , in contrast with Professional wine taster, may just state „ I like“ or „ I do not like“ at the moment.

Record of the happening will screen documentation of evening for spectators in future visit. Everything what was part of happening should remain in place as visitors – tasters left. But hard – working cleaners of Nitra Gallery took care of opposite.

Artist: Lukáš Matejka a Štefan Oliš
Curator: Matúš Chrást
Place: Nitra gallery