Gepark on Galota fest
Singing – Playing Plants

Intervencie event 2016 is sympozium with one goal: to work with a public space of town Trebišov in creative ways. It is a urban laboratory which should provide artists a space for free art aimed to an actual urban problems, relation between public and private space, etc. Main theme of 2016 was COMMUNICATION in a physical and an abstract view. 6 artists were participating: Michal Murin, well-known intermedia artist; Zora Varcholová and Hana Hutníková as a young generation artists; members of TRAKT group (Lukáš Matejka, Štefan Oliš a Pavol Soukal). An event took place on the streets, squares, parks and other public places of the city Trebišov, but also in the gallery, which hosted statues as young Slovakia sculptors, discussions, movie projections and much more.