Gepark on Galota fest

Humans from the gypsy people

Project Gepark by Lukáš Matejka and Štefan Oliš from TRAKT group was firstly introduced on Galota festival in August 2016. It combines concentration, balance and harmony during exercising on the special Gepark logs. Slovak music producer Jarduuzzu added a music background, which inspired participants to great performance. The highlight was dancing improvization on Gepark logs by dancers from Human Art Space. Besides Gepark there were others artist and performers in the Art zone during Galota festival (Martin Kochan, Tomáš Beňadik & Ivana Pavlíčková, Vililam Slaminka, Kristína Novosadová, Kvetoslava Bobáková, Chrisian Frank, Lucia Kordačová,Marek Stuller, Žovinec Bros.), who helped to bring visitors much new experience.