Pecha Kucha Night vol.19 Trnava

Pecha Kucha Night is a platform founded in Tokio by two architects: Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. A platform had already extended to the whole world. The main goal is to bring to an audience new thoughts by a projection and short, constructive discussion.

Kunsthalle Bratislava: Art in Public

Art in Public is the successful cycle of managed discussions by Nina Šošková. Introducing the activities of guests and organizations from the field of art and public art initiatives to spectators is the intension of the discussions. Presentation of TRAKT (Lukáš Matejka) and Koniarne / The Stable / (Branislav Zurko) took place on the 23rd November 2016 in the KLUB – Kunsthalle Bratislava.

Presentation of the field of study: Multimedia

As part of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia, on the 9th November 2016 Secondary School in Banská Bystrica prepared presentations and workshops for professionals called "multimedia - new branch of study for secondary schools." During the presentation professionals, experts, artists and teachers from secondary schools and universities were also given a word. Separate presentation was focused on creative art projects of Multimedia which was prepared for students and the public by Mgr. art. Lukas Matejka, ArtD. (TRAKT).

TEDx Trenčín - Resonance

On the 1st October 2016, one interesting event was held on the Trenčín castle and TRAKT was officially video recording the special ideas presented there. 13 speakers from fields of science, art, design or psychology and almost 200 enthusiastic participants came and also attented activities, which strongly resonated. An unforgettable experience from this event just strengthened the magic atmosphere of the most beautiful place in Trenčín.  How did TEDx 2016 look?

Resonance at each corner

The 18th Pecha Kucha Night Trnava

TRAKT is a civil association whose aim is to promote arts and cultural activities. It has been created by Lukáš Matejka and Štefan Oliš in 2009. It has 12 members. The two founders introduced

A film evening with Marek Janičík

Audiences of Artkino Metro in Trenčín could see three films of young documentary filmmaker Marek Janičík (TRAKT) on 13 March 2016. He comes from Považská Bystrica, currently living in
Nová Dubnica. Marek Janičík presented two of his student films and a recent film portrait of an Olympic medal winner Janko Zachar. Janičík's films Sisyphus and Cinema World were awarded at several Slovak and foreign film festivals. He is currently working as a documentary filmmaker for Czech television and preparing a project for RTVS, which will be broadcast at the end of 2016.

Pecha Kucha Night vol.3 Zlín

In the area of ​​Zlín legendary House of Art - Bata monument - symbol of culture and extraordinary Baťa architecture, just prior to the next stage of building modifications took place already the third Pecha Kucha Night Zlín.

Creative activities outside school

Within the doctoral studies at the Studio of digital media (Doc. Michal Murin, ArtD.) At the Department IDM, Faculty of Fine Arts, the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica Mgr. art Lukas Matejka preparations for the original presentation with the focus to after-school activities for bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts. The aim of the lecture was to direct the potential of young artistic creation in extra-curricular context in practice. The fair practice, project beyond Penthouse award is a very important part of the study, which students realize until later editions.

Interactivity in art and design

Interactivity in art and design is currently taking shape as a trendy thing. At the invitation MgA. Jakub Hrdina and MgA. Ondrej Puchta of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Czech Republic) participated TRAKT by Mgr. art Lukas Matejka and Pavol Soukal a lecture on the subject. The lecture consisted in the first stage of selection realized interactive projects TRAKT. Followed by a presentation of international art projects and artists who use interactivity.

Inter intra

In the period 16 to 17 November 2014, held an informal conference of Inter Intra. Spaces Theatre Studio Theatre DRAK in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) served as a great place to "meeting" viacerích professionals, educators, theorists, and theater artists from the Czech Republic. TRAKT represented by Mgr. art. Lukas Matejka as the sole representative of the organization from Slovakia.


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