Workshop Fine Arts Department of Photography

Videomapping in Gelnica
Millenium projection mapping
Date: 11/09/2014 - 18/09/2014
Year: 2014
City: Kremnica
Tags: performance , photography , public space , students , workshop coworking
Download: ALF - Katalóg z tvorivej dielne v Kremnici (2014)
Academy of Arts
Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Intermedia and digital media department
Lukáš Matejka
Ľubo Stacho
Marko Horban
Lenka Lukačovičová
Jano Adamove
Michal Murin
Richard Bolčo
Lucia Devečková
Diana Toholová
Alžbeta Frajková
Lea Kalaziová
Jakub Šuvada
Ján Mýtny
Viktor Šelesták
Andrej Zabkay
Ondrej Urban
Soňa Zemanová

After almost two years are door of the training center of creativity and concentration at Academy of Fine Arts in Kremnica open again. Reconstruction of areas has brought not only new floors, facades and social instruments, but also a nice technical equipment that pushes the possibilities of participants to a more professional performance. We also took this opportunity to continue our ambitious plans to do workshops and links with schools which are programmatically related to the photo media.

In this case, we addressed students and teachers of the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, namely the Intermedia and digital media students. As a visiting pedagogue and lector in one person we introduced Ján Adamove who acts at this department as a pedagogue and proffesional lecturer. Our unit was consisted of 16 students and pedagogues alltogether. Commanding and organizational group consisted of Professor Lubo Stacho and me was joined by the doctoral student Lenka Lukačovičová on our side and doctoral student Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) on the side of Banska Bystrica spectrum. We agreed on three assignments that were built on different principles, and should respond to all students, regardless of whether they have experience with the specific lecturer of assignment or just taste and a duty to respond.

1. Jan Adamove – Memory (video sequence)
2. Lenka Lukačovičová – Action (photorecord of action reinterpretation of action)
3. Marko Horban – Mimicry (video performance)

The first night willingly and enthusiastically came present his author´s and art history experience Michal Murin, who besides being the leading digital media studio at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, admirably manages the archive and representation of slovak musicologist and artist Milan Adamčiak. It was also because we had planned personally visit mr. Adamčiak in the adjacent village of Banska Bela and record where he lives and eagerly awaits raids Kunst-tourism. Author´s lectures and presentations we had almost every night and there was still something to show not only on the side of pedagogues, but also at student´s side in their portfolio, which has been extremely beneficial and discovering for all involvedand discover for all concerned. After agreement we decided to publish the results and outcomes of creative efforts and intentions of our and invited students of this workshop on the web page and in the second edition of ALF as a DVD attachment. Extending this cooperation on joint activities in the field of creative and stay camps adds another dimension to this cooperation and we believe that such connections have meaning.Participation in the workshop I personally judged to be a test not only for the lower grades of students who become familiar with the operation and philosophy of the studio, but also for the pedagogue is very important to observe the interactivity and social status of the student outside of the school territory. In parallel with this observation it was interesting to watch the activity of the invited parties, for which this was, I believe, just as motivating as instructive. This workshop took place essentially without problems, not to be an exciting evening with preventive trip of emergency health services and persistently rainy autumn weather, as if we were there only one day. But this is only a subtle game of our memory, which is fortunately selective and retains only things that are worth not to be forget.

Viktor Selestak, a student of Fine Arts, ALF