Festival of Light and shadow 2017
Embroidered tower

The project, in a playful way, explains the history of probably the first emoticon of the “smiley” in the world that originated in Trenčín. What is a smiley? A simple pictogram that evaluates something, most often positive or negative. Youth recognizes the symbol from the social network environment. Following the positive experience of previous projects – Digital Graffiti, Sobie, Digital City, we have decided to continue creating digital “games” designed specifically for the public space of Trenčín – designed on the facades of historic buildings.

Temporary intervention from the TRAKT workshop (software realization by Pavol Soukal) addresses and involves the participation of random viewers, mostly youth – passers-by, who so often come into contact with contemporary visual arts for the first time. This type of art of the local gallery, especially due to lack of technological background, reflects very little. The public space has been crowded by numerous and active audiences. An author’s digital project is promoted through common available gaming devices – wii, kinect, gamepad, which serve as modulated technology tools for direct interaction with the viewer. We are interested in works and interactions that directly communicate with the viewer and draw it into context.

Unique interactive graphic design of the city of Trenčín from the 17th century.

Working with local historical references, contemporary digital design and personal mysticism built on the story of the “Trencian Smiley” is a clear idea of ​​the project. The resulting form of work has identified a creative creative process, brainstorming and work with historical material found in a new context – the facade of the building. Interactive art opens new possibilities for unreal game engine (blender game engine) for Trenčín’s youth.

The project was carried out on two Saturday evenings on August 26 and December 2, 2017 and was supported by the grant system of the city of Trenčín. We thank you.