Folklore graffiti

Singing – Playing Plants
23. International Dubnica Folklore Festival

TRAKT LAB project “Folklore Graffiti” is taking tradition symbols and themes and apply them into a digital art. Part of the project was a projection of “Folklore Graffiti” on the Trenčín Synagogue, which attracts a lot of attention. Graffiti was conceived into public space primarily for the youths of Trenčín city and then for the general public on 20th and 21st of August.

With light projecting and special 3D spray participants were able to draw on city architecture. A spray is really sophisticated – nozzle is actually an infrared sensor, which converts signal to a computer and then through high efficient data projector on the building. It is needless to say that this project attracts an attention of participants and residents of all age. We are grateful for support from the Jewish community and the Municipal police of Trenčín.