Park camp 6

Night tour of Strečno Castle 2019
Mysterious Levoca 2019

The Park CAMP workshop is the sixth edition currently focusing on Landart & Videoart. The project from the workshop Koniareň / space for contemporary art / will bring art in public space to the city park in Trebišov in cooperation with the Museum and Cultural Center of Southern Zemplín in Trebišov.

The aim of the project is to create space and suitable conditions for students and fresh graduates of art universities in Slovakia (VŠVU in Bratislava, AU in Banská Bystrica, TU FU in Košice) for the purpose of improvement and progress in the field of contemporary art, new media and media. The project aims to bring the cultural center closer to the natural environment of the Trebišov park in the form of social interventions, where participants, in addition to land art & video art, can work with strategies of site-specific art, performance, sound art, public art, conceptual art and new media.

An important aspect of the event will be the final presentation of the project in the gallery Koniareň and directly in the city park in Trebišov, where during the weekend the city park will come alive thanks to the created works of individual participating artists. Within the project Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) will present himself with a new videoart – video mapping directly on the facade of the manor house in Trebišov.