Film Festival Trenčianske Teplice

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Contest of photography and film 2016

The International Film Festival in Trenčianske Teplice offered several thematic sections and one competition tour of short and medium-sized works of film school students. His program reflects both film history and the present. Formally, it brings not only more open-minded, but also more visually appealing images, trying to shift the traditional film language. The mission of the festival in Trenčianske Teplice is to contribute to the development of the knowledge of the world, but especially of the European film culture. The Slovak spectator provides the opportunity for direct acquaintance with the works as well as their creators. The IFF Trenčianske Teplice is an important cultural event that has enriched cultural life for almost a quarter century not only in the spa town but throughout the region. The event, traditionally organized at the end of June, is a celebration of film art and a symbolic start of the summer season. In 2016 the festival takes place 24 times (formerly Artfilm fest). City and region residents, spa guests, students and film fans of the silver canvas met in Trenčianske Teplice before the summer holidays so they would give up the film art. Traditional cinemas have been available as well as a variety of accompanying events at the open air.

TRAKT composed by Lukáš Matejka and Pavol Soukal prepared two creative projects from the field of new media for the festival “art park”. As early as June 23, 2016, a videomapping was made on the old power plant. Videomapping is a relatively new direction of audiovisual art that destroys real-world imagery and experiments with viewers’ visual perceptions. With the help of special video projections, it creates optical illusions, changes, regroups and destroys the objects and buildings directly in front of the eyes of the unsuspecting viewer and thus creates a strong, emotional experience in connection with music. The second day, June 24, 2016, the Digital Graffiti project at Kursalón – the Kina Pramen facade, was prepared for spectators and random passers-by. Spectators could try their patriotic skin by spraying light over the building.