Festival of Light and shadow 2015

Luminography workshop
Workshop 3D scanning

Festival of light and shadow with the tagline Light and shadow in the art and science not only brightened the historic center of Banská Bystrica city, but also its surroundings. Civic associations Cultural Slovakia and TRAKT in collaboration with partners, prepared the deadline on 11 and 12 December 2015 always after dark light show. Spectators could himself for two nights on a 12 selected locations and see them on 19 unique projects. Section SHADOW roofed and astronomers young visual artists in the section LIGHT create multimedia works. These works for the audience discovered and revived unconventional urban space, surfaces and facades.

City Tower came into the optical-visual movement in videomappingovom project moves of a rook and the next day except the tower came to life with light and shadow and other buildings on SNP Square. The town got a few moments the new color light color. Hall became the venue for the exhibition and workshop mystery of light 3D scanning, which was capacity constraints. Location around Barbakan introduced light and video mapping projects (Falling flakes, traditionally under Urpínom a city 760 years) and interactive digital projects (Light graffiti and Reindeer tandem). The project light graffiti viewers got themselves into the role of creator and creative by light sensors and spray painted the facade of the building of the former elementary school. Rays of light lines pointed to significant historic buildings, gradually fell into disrepair. A few meters further impressed the children and youth project reindeer sledding, when given the opportunity to control digital reindeer harness. Interactive game created specifically direct the whole wall Barbakan. Moreover, anyone who this unusual interactive experience to try, was awarded a driving license in your name. Of course it was not a regular driver’s license, driver’s license but the reindeer harness. Drive not only children but also adults and be entertained. In a few hours, hundreds of distributed driver’s license. Powerful visual experience with a story about the history of flying brought large-sized animated Let videomapping and space on the facade of the Museum of SNP. Automapping ran next door – light show on the hood of a new car model Opel Astra (light and shade with the new Astra). The museum, which was “the epicenter” section shadow, visitors looked up a rich film series and accompanying programs such as search light and dark, dark side of light, physical workshop for children. From the heart of the monument SNP led the night sky still light two laser beams (Nativity). Powerful laser beams are hmírili over the city and from the space Ministry of dotvárali fun and so together with folk-dance projects Lucky overall atmosphere. Europa Busines Center to visually interested in the spectacle of light and LED light show, and a bit further at the building SLOS conducted Illusions of light. Area around SC Europa turned into a place luminographic workshops for the general public. Photos working with light and slow shutter speed is always at the end of the workshop “posting” on a social networking site where they can find active visitors. In addition luminography on the facade of the building it could be seen in regular hour interval videomapping digital, metaphorical ingenuity displayed “path of light” across history. Visual symbols portrayed in the present back to the beginning (Big Bang) and back through our history until today’s modern “TV” company. The entire message can be viewed as awareness everywhere the presence and importance of light in its various forms whether as sunshine, space heaters, or IT technologies that surround us.

Festival its first year (2015) opens the tradition of this unique multi-genre event in the middle of Slovakia. This is a unique authorial concept that organizers Dagmar Rajčanová, Vlado Benko, Lukas Matejka, Pavol Rapavý, Tomas Rakonczai, Stefan Oliš and Kristina Benková will seek to maintain and further develop his artistic ambitions and possibilities in order to prepare for residents and visitors to IV 2016 unusual visual experiences.