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Conservationist (PamiatKAR) maps the mythical landscape, located on the plateau in the middle of Europe. A stranger comes to her. This is a witness of special elections, in which two sides are complaining about the favor of the State. It is his further direction, one party demands that it be entrusted solely to God’s guard, the other side wants to join Canada, which has developed the Velcro fastener and has the best hockey team in the world – additionally, the advantage of a possible connection is that in the future, again tear off.

The election will complicate an archaeological finding challenging the official state ideology that the country’s oldest nation lives on Earth. In addition, a new airport is to be built at the site, which will finally make it accessible to the hard-to-reach mountain countryside by tourists. The monument, which is also a defender of the history of the nation, seeks to challenge the finding. In addition, a special disease that spreads through insomnia will begin to spread. This means that people have more time to work, they are more active, but at the same time begin to forget, first of all on their experiences and then on the names of things and people. The monument comes with the theory that it is a curse that has invested the goat on the landscape (“a non-religious animal that looks like a devil”) “tethered to the stone” located in the middle of Europe and demanding its sacrifice.

“Was that what? Was it like a dream? / Nightmare! / Prd, it was a comedy. / Catholic joke. “

Peter Lomnický: PamiatKAR (play with songs about the illusions of a nightmare or a Catholic joke)

14: 6.2018 at 11:30 am – public general

15.6.2018 at 19:00 – premiere

19.6.2018 at 19:00

20.6.2018 at 11:30 – organized

From the public sources, he supported the Arts Support Fund.