Peter Maťo


Mgr. art. Peter Maťo, PhD. (1961, Bratislava) is a graduate of the Department of Theater Studies at VŠMU. In the past, he has devoted himself to multidisciplinary artistic interpretation, author / libretistic and directorial practice in theaters in Slovakia and Bohemia. He is currently publishing (Music Life, Salto, etc.) and pedagogical activities (Liptovský Hrádok Private Dance Conservatory and Košice Private Conservatory, Zádielska Street). Its central theme was post-dramatic dance, ballet and performance projects that blend in with the musical-performing theatrical art of the present.

After successful premieres in the Chore Slovaca (2010) and Krížom-krážom (2012), he made his debut for libretic, dramaturgy and directorial work. The result is the first mention of unpublished Slovak authors in the 19th and 20th centuries. Educational project “untraditional in non-traditional spaces” presented the theatrical production of Terézia Vansová in the Salon of the Singer (2014) and Jozef Hollý Emancipation (2015) in the cellar of Kamper’s Archeological Museum of SNM in Bratislava on Žižkova street. He is a dramaturgist of the Liptov Theater of Dance, who last year presented the dance performance of Prague in Choreography by Radoslav Piovarči. In September 2015, his mini portrait of ballet master and choreographer Marilena Halász was published on the occasion of her important life anniversary.