Music world

Lovely Experience
Date: 26/05/2018 - 26/05/2018
Year: 2018
City: Myjava
Tags: concert , music , projection , VJs
Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
Patrik Kubizna
Dominik Oláš

The musical group MUZIKANTI presented the premiere of its new program called MUSIC WORLD, which took place on May 26, 2018 at 7 pm at Samko Dudik Culture House in Myjava. In this program, viewers could see the combination of multiple formats – music, singing, projection and dance – in the original version. They have listened to music from famous films, nostalgic Argentinean tango and French waltzes, adaptations of Russian and Hungarian folk songs.

The live projection, VJing was attended by Lukáš Matejka, digital artist, curator and program director of the Light and Shadow Festival of TRAKT. Digital projection or VJing is video mixing, a DJ-like activity (mixing music). Pre-made video loops are used here. Using a videomix, Lukáš created moving backdrops that supported the overall atmosphere of this unusual event. The program features talented singer and mythical native Nikola Jankovová, who currently works at the Andrej Bagara Theater in Nitra. Argentinean tango dancing Dominika Greisiger and Tomas Saltzer from the Abrazo dance school in Bratislava. In addition to the traditional Argentinean thong, the program also featured the “tango vals” and “milongo” style. Patrik Kubizna (TRAKT) took care of the photographic documentation and secured video documentation by Štefan Oliš (TRAKT) and Dominik Oláš.

The music group MUZIKANTI played in the following composition:

violin – Ján Michalec, Adam Foltín
viola – Robert Mramúch
double bass – Miroslav Drška
cimbalom – Michal Kolárik
accordion – Michal Zachar