Beast Porto 2022
Night of ghosts, pumpkins and ghouls
Date: 27/09/2022 - 27/09/2022
Year: 2022
City: Brezno
Tags: contemporary dance , projection
Lukáš Matejka
Synagóga Brezno
Tibor Meliš
Katarína Pavelková
Andrej Fábik

Consciousness and subconscious – about their interaction, observation, possibilities, advantages or also the problems that their acceptance and research can cause. Are the accessibility of the unconscious and the free agency of consciousness determined by each individual’s moral and ethical principles/attitudes? Or do we consider it just a dream statement to which we do not attach any significance.

Choreography and interpretation by Lucia Bielik, Michaela Šeligová

Music: Jozef Smutný, Ján Gonda

Visualization: Tibor Meliš, Katarína Pavelková

Projection: Lukáš Matejka

Lighting design: Andrej Fábik

Premiere: 17.8.2021

Reprise of Consciousness in the Brezno Synagogue took place 27.9.2022

Supported from public funds by the Art Support Fund.